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Genealogy News and Articles

The Family Research site at  http://www.lineages.co.uk/index.php has to have one of the most helpful list of Links for Genealogists and for all those who are in any way interested in genealogy, geography, ecclesiastical and social history, and very many other aspects of life in the United Kingdom and Eire. Visit the site and see for yourself what a range of articles there are. If, in time, some of the links below do not work, those on the Family Research Site should be sought.

However, please, if you do find links which no longer work, or would like to suggest new ones, get in touch with suitable replacements!! That would be a great help, as goal-posts are continually on the move!

Here is a copy of the main menu from the site, which will take you directly to their pages:

Research Links

bulletMain Menu:
bullet Main Index (Leith history)
bullet Maps of Old Leith
bullet FAQ
bullet Contact

They are also members of Genealogy.org, which is also worth a visit.

bulletThese links we add to from time to time as we come across new ones. If you can think of others, or find them out of date,  please let us know:
bullet Helping African-Americans trace roots of family trees
bullet Research Guidance Scotland
bulletScottish Weights and Measures
bulletThe Norse
bullet 1901 Census - Institutions
bullet A Hogg Family History
bullet A quick guide to research
bullet A Sampling of Social History in the UK - as it affects Genealogists
bullet A Soldiers' Life in the 18th Century
bullet A Tour of the City of Edinburgh
bullet Aberdeen City Archives
bullet Access to Images
bulletAlex Glendinning's Award Winning Channel Islands Pages
bullet An Historical Perspective
bulletAncestors Attic
bullet ancestral Scotland
bulletAnglo-Indian Family Trees and their Links
bullet Angus and Fife History and Genealogical Websites
bullet Apprenticeship Records as Sources for Genealogy
bullet Arthur family history & genealogy search advice
bullet Asian and Black History Exhibition (The National Archives)
bullet Association of Family History Societies of Wales
bullet Astonbrook through Astonmanor
bullet Australian and New Zealand Genealogy Usenet
bulletAustralian Family History Compendium
bulletAustralian Family Trees on the World Wide Web
bulletAustralians at WAr
bullet Ayrshire Roots
bullet Barton Family History
bullet Batchelder/Batcheller Family Origins
bullet Bedfordshire War Memorials & Rolls of Honour
bulletBerwickshire Genealogy
bullet Birmingham Genealogy
bullet Border Ballads...
bullet Borders Family History Society
bullet Boys' Clothes: 15th-16th Centuries
bullet Brady Family Tree
bullet Brechin’s History - Resources For Researchers
bullet Bristol and the Slave Trade
bullet Bristol's slave ships
bullet British and Irish resources
bullet British Army Lists
bulletBritish Empire Gateway
bullet British Genealogy Usenet
bullet British History
bullet British History Online
bullet British Library Newspapers
bullet British Library-Images Online
bulletBritish Library-Resources for Research
bullet British Library-Worldwide Web Links
bulletBritish War Memorial Project
bullet British WW2 Veterans Reunion and tracing your Military Ancestors Page
bullet Browse: Prisoners - Great Britain
bullet Burns, Robert - 1796
bullet Burntisland parish
bullet Caithness County-Genealogy
bullet Cambridgeshire Genealogy - Societies
bullet CAMERON Genealogy and Family History Data
bullet Canadian Military Heritage Project
bullet Carter Family History
bulletCastles of Britain
bulletCastles of Wales
bullet Catalogue Notes
bullet Cathedrals & Churches in Scotland
bullet Catholic Family History Society
bullet Catholic Marriages
bullet Catholic Parishes Ireland
bullet Chadwyck-Healey's British and Irish Biographies, 1840-1940
bullet Cheshire County Council
bullet Clan Leslie Society
bullet Clan MacIntyre Society
bulletClan MacLean/MacLaine Genealogy Database
bullet Clan Map of Scotland
bulletClan Sinclair
bulletCollege of Arms
bullet Complete Catholic Registry Directory and Almanack for Ireland 1836
bullet Complete Parish List for Scotland
bullet Connolly Family Record Index
bullet Consistorial Processes and Decreets 1658-1800
bullet Contact details for Register House Edinburgh
bullet Cornwall Co; England
bullet Coughlan Family
bullet County Dublin Genealogy Links
bullet County Sligo Heritage and Genealogy Centre
bullet CRAIG Family
bullet Crimean War Research Society
bullet Criminology Research Institute
bulletCronicl Powys
bulletCulpepper Connections!
bullet Culture and religion in early modern Wales
bullet Cupar Sheriff Court Aliment Decrees, 1830 - 1854
bulletDeb's Historical Research Page
bullet Debunking Family Myths
bullet Definition of Presbyterianism
bullet Devon UK - Genealogy, Surnames, Family and Local History
bullet Diocese of Limerick
bulletDiscover your Family Story
bulletDoig Family Histories
bullet Doras Directory
bullet Dorset County Records
bullet Dover Museum-Sources of Genealogical Records
bulletDublin-Ireland Genweb Project
bullet Duncan Family Genealogy
bullet Dundee Directory of Local Organisations-Genealogy/Local History
bullet Durham UK - Genealogy, Surnames, Family and Local History
bullet East Ayrshire Council-Heritage - Family History Library Resources
bullet East Lothian UK - Genealogy, Surnames, Family and Local History
bullet Eighteenth-Century Resources — Art
bullet Eighteenth-Century Resources — History
bullet Emigration - the Ulster-Scots (Scots-Irish)
bullet England Genealogy Links - English genealogy
bulletEngland: Mixbury & Oxfordshire - Christening Records
bulletEnglish Census Records
bullet English Genealogy mine
bullet English Parish Records
bulletEnglish Record Offices and Archives on the Web-Arranged Alphabetically by County
bullet European Military Records
bullet Examples of Carlisle family records in the English Origins database.
bullet Fact or Blarney: Proving the Legacies Left by Irish Storytellers
bullet Family Birth Records
bullet Family History
bullet Family History Help Desk at Library and Information Centre, Scarborough
bullet Family History in India
bullet Family History in India website,
bullet Family History in Manchester
bullet Family History Pages
bulletFamily History Societies UK
bulletFamily History.com
bulletFamily Legends and Myths
bullet Family Legends and Myths
bulletFamily Legends, True or False. And How Do I Solve Them?
bullet Family Records in the New York State Archives
bullet Family Source
bulletFamily Tree Pages-Duval, Gore and Hookham
bulletFamily Tree Resources
bulletFamily Tree Searcher
bullet Family Trees and Software Reviews!
bullet Family Trees-A Brightlingsea Town Guide
bulletFamily Trees-Brockville, Augusta, Leeds and Genville Ontario
bullet Family Trees-Hampshire
bullet Famous Cambridgeshire Men and Women
bullet Famous Freaks
bulletFamous Genealogy
bullet Famous Northumbrians
bullet FAQ - What is the point of family trees? (Snobbery, etc.)
bullet Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae
bullet Favourite Genealogy Links
bulletFife Scotland Genealogical Links and Resources
bulletFife, Scotland Genealogy Links and Chat
bulletFirstmom's English/Welsh Genealogy Resources
bullet For Family Historians
bullet Free Family Search
bullet Free Genealogy Databases-Derbyshire
bulletFree Genealogy Resources
bullet Free Surname Search - Scotland
bullet Free Trade, Chartism and the Anti-Corn Law League
bullet Gaelic Scotland
bullet Gateway to Scotland
bulletGathering of the Clans
bulletGen Web
bullet gendir.com
bullet Genealinks-International
bullet Genealogical Journeys in Time-Coats of Arms
bullet Genealogical Links
bullet Genealogy
bullet Genealogy and Family History Directory
bulletGenealogy and Family History for Children
bullet Genealogy and Hampshire, England
bulletGenealogy Computing
bulletGenealogy Homepage
bullet Genealogy Ireland~Eire~History
bullet Genealogy on the Web
bullet Genealogy Resources for Angus, Dundee and the Kingdom of Fife
bullet genealogy Today
bullet Genealogy Wales, Wales/Cymru, the culture, language and history of Wales
bulletGeneral Register Office for Scotland
bullet General Sources across Thomond and Family history
bullet GENUKI
bullet George III and the Regency
bullet German Prisoners of War in Britain
bullet Glesga Pals
bullet Gloucestershire County Council-The genealogical database
bullet Gloucestershire Genealogy Links
bullet Gloucestershire Links
bullet Gordon Family Records
bulletGreat Britain Street Maps
bullet Great War and Remembrance Day online exhibition
bulletGriffin Family Tree
bullet Grim Treasures: Macabre Tales of Edinburgh's Old Town
bullet GROS - Family Records
bulletHale Genealogy
bullet Harris and Bright families
bullet Heraldry Links
bullet Historic Houses in England
bulletHistoric Irish Castles
bullet Historic Pictures-From the theatre
bullet Historic Scottish Battles
bulletHistorical Period Costume Links
bullet History from Headstones
bullet History of Fashion, Food and Time
bulletHistory of Guernsey Butchers-Was your ancestor a butcher in Guernsey in the late 18th/ early 19th Century ?
bullet Holocaust Era Assets News and Events
bullet Home: Society: Genealogy
bulletHow much is that worth today?
bullet Huntly Castle Myths and Legends
bullet Immigrants to Canada
bullet Information on Stained Glass Windows
bullet International - Genealogy & History-Wales
bullet Internet Modern History Sourcebook
bullet Interpreting The Irish Famine, 1846-1850
bullet Introduction to Scottish Family History
bullet Iona Images
bulletIreland Census Records
bullet Irish abroad
bullet Irish Ancestors
bulletIrish Ancestors
bullet Irish and Scotch-Irish Ancestral Research
bullet Irish Art & Artists: past & present
bullet Irish baby names, family names & first names
bullet Irish Coats of Arms and Genealogy
bullet Irish culture
bullet Irish Family and Local History Societies
bulletIrish Family History
bulletIrish Family History Foundation
bulletIrish Genealogy
bullet Irish Genealogy Databases – search Irish Family Name History
bulletIrish Origins
bullet Irish Views of the Famine
bullet Irish Vital Records
bullet Jane Austen's will
bulletJewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain
bulletJewishGen: The Home of Jewish Genealogy
bulletJim's Irish Genealogy Pages
bullet John Buchanan III Family History
bullet John Johnson Davies Family History
bullet Joseph Carey Merrick-Tribute Website
bullet Kent Archives
bulletKent Births, Deaths and Marriages
bullet Kent Genealogy Sources
bullet Kirkcudbrightshire-Genealogical resources
bullet La Société Jersiaise
bullet Last name meanings
bullet Learning Curve
bullet legends connected with the Civil War in Herefordshire
bullet Leith Portal
bullet Libraries and Other sources of Information
bullet Licenses to keep a Public House
bullet Liddle Family History
bullet Life of George Wishart
bullet Lighthouse information
bullet Lincolnshire County Council-Heritage
bullet Lincolnshire Links
bullet LINKS TO PRIMITIVE METHODISM (Past and Present)
bullet List of churches and cathedrals of London
bullet List of famous Christians
bullet List of famous Old Etonians born in the 16th and 17th centuries
bullet LISTS TO THE PLANTATION UNDERTAKERS COLLECTION-The Scottish Migration to Ulster in the Reign of King James 1
bulletLiverpool Public Library
bulletLives, the Biography Resource
bullet Lloyds Register-Useful sources for genealogists
bulletLocal Catholic Church and Family History
bullet Local Catholic Church History and Ancestors
bulletLookup UK
bulletLookup UK
bullet Lothian - Paranormal Database Records
bulletLothian Health Services Archive
bullet Lothians Family History Society
bullet Manx National Heritage-Genealogy
bullet Map resources - ancient and modern
bullet Mariners Tickets : 1897 - 1920
bullet Maryborough District Family History Society
bullet McCULLOCH
bullet Medieval English genealogy
bullet Medieval Seals Online
bullet members of Preston, Rogers, Fyfe related family
bullet Methodist Archives and Research Centre
bullet Midlothian Genealogy Links
bulletMinistry of Defence
bullet Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border
bullet Miss Mary's Victorian Links
bullet MLN Testaments
bullet Montgomeryshire Canal
bulletMorayshire Family History Sharing
bulletMull Genealogy
bulletMull Genealogy Forum
bulletMurray Family Genealogy Forum
bullet Museum of Childhood, Edinburgh
bullet My Duck Family Tree
bulletMysterious Britain
bulletNational Archives-Exhibitions and Treasures
bullet National Library of Medicine
bullet National Library of Medicine
bullet National Register of Archives
bullet Nesbitt/Nisbet Society Page]
bullet Newcastle Libraries Service
bullet Newcastle University
bullet Newquay
bulletNewspaper History
bullet Nonconformist Records
bullet Norfolk Census Information and List of Villages with Names Indexes for the 1891 Census
bullet Norfolk Family History Society
bullet Norfolk Links and Norfolk Ancestry
bullet Northumberland
bullet Northumberland Archive Service
bullet Northumberland UK - Genealogy, Surnames, Family and Local History
bullet Officers of Bengal, Bombay and Madras Regiments - 1873
bullet Old Australian Genealogy, News & History
bullet Old Family Photographs
bullet Old Photographs of Donegal
bullet Old photographs of the Southwark/Bermondsey area
bullet Oliver Cromwell and the Restoration
bullet Online Exhibition on the "Black Presence-Asian and BlackHistory in Britain 1500-1850 from the National Archives.
bullet Origins.net
bulletOrkney Genealogy
bullet Orphan Train Genealogy
bullet Other people searching for their Hartlepool roots
bullet Our Family History Page
bullet Overview Chart of Lineal Ancestors of King Edward III of England and Philippa of Hainault
bullet Oxford and Cambridge
bullet Papers of John Baillie and the Baillie family
bullet Passenger Lists
bullet Pathways to the Past
bullet Perry-Casta's Library
bullet Perthshire
bulletPerthshire Genealogy
bulletPictures in Print
bullet Pictures of Greyfriars Kirkyard in Edinburgh
bullet Pillans World Families
bullet Pirates & Privateers
bullet Power, Politics and Protest
bullet Professions from the past
bullet Projected Population of Scotland (2003 Based)
bullet Protest and Reform
bullet Protestant Family History
bulletPUNCH CARTOONS-Victorian and Edwardian
bullet Queen Victoria's census return
bulletQueensland Family History SocietyInc
bulletQuestia-The World's Largest online Library
bullet Rambles Round Kilmarnock
bullet Recent releases at The National Archives
bulletRecords of an English Village 1375-1854
bullet Religious Orders
bulletReminiscence and Oral History in Edinburgh
bullet Research Tools from the Scottish Archives
bulletResearching on the Internet-Genealogy
bullet Resources for 19th Century British Social History
bullet Responses to common Holocaust-denial claims
bullet RIDDLE Family
bullet Roger Fenton: Crimea and After
bullet Rogers / Rankin Family Tree
bullet Rogers Family Records
bullet Roll of Edinburgh Burgesses and Guild Brethren (large source for surname meaning)
bullet Roman Catholic Parishes Scotland
bullet Ron MacKinnon's Scottish Links
bullet Rootsweb
bulletS O F T W A R E F O R T H E F A M I L Y H I S T O R I A N
bullet Salem, a brief history
bullet School and Alumni Records
bullet Scot Clans
bulletScot-Roots : home and international links
bulletScotland - Scottish Culture and History
bulletScotland BDM Exchange
bulletScotland Census Records
bullet SCOTLAND'S CHURCHES AFTER 1700-and Genealogy
bullet Scotlands People
bulletScots Online-Scots/English Dictionary
bullet Scottish and Fenland Ancestors
bullet Scottish Borders Family-History-Research
bullet Scottish Borders Monumental Inscriptions
bullet Scottish Clan Crests and Coats of Arms
bullet Scottish Clans
bullet Scottish Documents
bullet Scottish Family History
bulletScottish Genealogy & History Links
bullet Scottish Genealogy Research
bullet Scottish Highland Games
bullet Scottish Legends
bullet Scottish Myths and Legends
bullet Search Europe
bullet Search other archives
bullet Searching for Records Relating to Nazi Gold
bullet Sharing that family affair
bullet Shetland Museum Photographic Archive
bulletShip "Henry and Francis" of New Castle, departed from the road of Leith, September 5, 1685
bullet Ships Logs, Journals, Pictures, and Passenger List Links, Australia and New Zealand
bulletShips of CalMac-Company Adverts
bulletSidney Family Trees
bullet Simon Wiesenthal Center
bullet SINCLAIR - Name Meaning & Origin
bullet Sites with Genealogical Source Material (Emigrants)
bullet Skye Legends And Castles
bulletSmith, Smyth, Smithe, Smythe, McGowan, O'Gowan, Gowan
bullet Some books relevant to medieval English genealogy
bulletSome organisations related to churches
bullet Somerset Genealogy Links
bullet Somerset UK - Genealogy, Surnames, Family and Local History
bullet Source for Irish Genealogy
bullet Sources for family history and genealogy at Lambeth Palace Library
bullet Sources for Research in English Genealogy
bullet Sources for Research in Irish Genealogy
bullet Sources of British History
bulletSpecific Scottish Genealogy Sites
bullet Standards for Transcribing Monumental Inscriptions - Revisited: A Discussion Paper & Proposal
bullet Stevenson Family History
bullet STIRLING Genealogy and Family History Data
bullet Street Map Index for LONDON - Streets Starting with Letter: A
bullet Surrey County Council Records
bullet SW Donegal Irish Genealogy & Our Irish Heritage
bullet T(homas) E(dward) Lawrence (1888-1935)
bulletTartans, Clans and Septs
bullet Textiles & Cotton Mills In Manchester & Lancashire
bullet The 1766 Religious Census Of Ireland
bullet The 1901 Census for England and Wales
bullet The Albums of the Calotype Club
bullet The Alexander Graham Bell Family Papers: The Bell Family Trees
bullet The Australian War Diary
bullet The Bath and North East Somerset Council Sites
bulletThe Book of Irish Families Great & Small
bullet The Bristol Slave Trade Walk.
bullet The British Library
bullet The British Pathé archive
bullet The Cairns Family History
bullet The child emigrant from Great Britain: the experience of Middlemore Homes
bulletThe children of Bethlehem
bullet The Clan Donald Society of Edinburgh
bullet The Clearances
bulletThe Cole/Tanner Family Tree
bulletThe Database of Irish Historical Statistics
bulletThe Droving Tradition of the Upper Eden Valley
bulletThe Family Tree of the Jewish People
bullet The gateway to Internet resources for the History of Medicine
bulletThe Gathering of the Clans
bullet The Gibbs Family Tree Pages
bullet The Gilbert Family History Page
bullet The Glossary
bullet The Highland Council
bullet The Highland Council Archive and The North Highland Archive
bullet The History & Origins of Scots Law
bulletThe History of 8 Families
bullet The History of Stirlingshire
bulletThe History of the Metropolitan Police Service
bulletThe Holocaust
bullet The Idea of Juvenile Crime in 19th-century England
bullet The Imperial War Museum
bullet The Industrial Revolution
bullet The Institute of Ulster Scots Studies
bulletThe Irish Connection
bulletThe Jacob & Gross Family Trees
bullet The Legend and Truth of Rob Roy MacGregor
bullet The Logan Family
bullet The Medieval Church
bullet The Metropolitan Police Service Historical Archives
bullet The Mitchell Library
bulletThe National Archives of Scotland
bullet The National Archivist
bullet The National Digital Archive
bullet The Old Scots Navy
bulletThe Origins of the Carmelites
bulletThe Penny Magazine
bullet The People of British America, 1700-1750
bullet The Quaker Family History Society
bullet The Royal Archives
bullet The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh
bullet The Royal County of Berkshire
bullet The Scots: Stereotype and Reality
bullet The Scotsman Digital Archive
bullet The Scottish Genealogical Society
bulletThe Scottish National War Memorial
bullet The Ships List
bulletThe Sinclair Family
bullet The Stewart family
bullet The Story of Burke and Hare
bullet The Trade Guilds elsewhere in Scotland and Europe
bullet The UK's largest family tree and ancestry website.
bulletThe Victorian Dictionary
bullet The Virtual Vault
bulletThe Viverette-Fisher Family Tree
bullet The Weddells of Stowell Street, Newcastle
bulletThe Wellcome Library
bullet The Workhouse
bullet Themes Gallery-Transport
bullet To preserve our life stories is to honour our individual lives
bullet Tombstones Art and Symbols-An excerpt from the "Sexton's Book of Tales"
bullet Top: Regional: Europe: United Kingdom: Scotland: Society and Culture: Genealogy
bulletTracing family history from maritime records
bullet Tracing Your Ancestry Through DNA
bullet Tracing your Family History
bullet Tracing your family in Kingston upon Hull
bullet Tracing Your Irish Roots
bullet Tracing your Scottish Ancestry
bullet Trades, Travels and Trysts-A Sampling of Social History in the UK - as it affects Genealogists
bullet Training Ships, Nautical Schools, Location and Dates: 1700 – 2000
bullet Travel Through the Ireland Story
bullet Trials of Oscar Wilde
bulletTudor Family Tree
bullet Tyneside Family History
bullet Tyneside Family History and Kane Surname Celtic Origins.
bullet U.K. Carte-de-Visite Victorian Photographs
bullet UK Villages covers England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
bulletUlster Historical Foundation
bullet Ulster-Scots Online
bulletUnited Kingdom Cemeteries
bulletUnited Kingdom, 1851 Census Records
bullet United Kingdom-Genealogy
bullet Urban History Records as a Source for Irish Family History
bulletUS National Archives and Records Administration
bulletUS: Atlantic Ports - Passenger Lists (1820-1871)
bullet Ushaw Moor Historical Website
bulletVictorian and Edwardian Photographs
bullet Victorian Census Project
bullet Victorian London - Publications - Social Investigation/Journalism - Life in the London Streets, by Richard Rowe, 1881
bullet Victorian Railways
bullet victorian Web Sites
bulletWas Your Ancestor a Doctor?
bullet Watch Out for Fake Family Trees
bullet Waterways in the United Kingdom
bulletWebsites for genealogists
bulletWelcome to ScotGenes
bullet Welcome to A2A
bulletWelcome to BOPCRIS, the British Official
bullet Welcome to History UK - the History for England!
bulletWelcome to MedHist
bulletWelcome to NDAD
bullet Welcome to Researching Irish Family History in the Liverpool Area
bullet Welcome To The Forgotten Soldiers Page
bulletWelcome to the Inverleith Hotel website!
bullet Welcome to the Nursing Life Family Center
bulletWelcome to the Registers of Scotland
bullet Welcome to the SCAN Online Catalogue
bullet Welsh Family and Local History
bulletWelsh Family History Archive
bullet Welsh Family History Sites
bulletWelsh Genealogy photography Requests
bullet West Highland Museum
bullet What Were Their Occupations?
bullet Where to Find Quaker Records
bullet Who are the Scotch-Irish, and what does the term mean?
bullet Who are your ancestors-Scotland
bullet Who Went to Church in Suffolk in 1851?
bullet Why the Royal Bank holds archives?
bullet Wight Family
bulletWitchcraft in America
bullet Witchcraft in England - The Sixteenth & Seventeenth Centuries
bulletWitchcraft trials in Scotland
bullet Working class costume of 17th century women
bullet York Churches - World Guide to York
bulletYorkshire, England. Genealogy Links and Chat
bullet Your perfect partner for genealogy, family trees, research, tracing relatives, births, deaths & roots
bullet General
bullet Irish Genealogy
bullet English Genealogy
bullet Website Review
bulletOther categories:

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