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The Family Research site at  http://www.lineages.co.uk/index.php has to have one of the most helpful list of Links for Genealogists and for all those who are in any way interested in genealogy, geography, ecclesiastical and social history, and very many other aspects of life in the United Kingdom and Eire. Visit the site and see for yourself what a range of articles there are. If, in time, some of the links below do not work, those on the Family Research Site should be sought.

However, please, if you do find links which no longer work, or would like to suggest new ones, get in touch with suitable replacements!! That would be a great help, as goal-posts are continually on the move!

Here is a copy of the main menu from the site, which will take you directly to their pages:

They are also members of Genealogy.org, which is also worth a visit.