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bulletPopulation approximately 1,000
bullet187 kilometres north–west of Melbourne
bulletGolden heritage.

Avoca nestles at the eastern base of the Pyrenees Ranges, and was once a rich gold producing area. It was one of the first goldfields in the north-western area of Victoria, which produced one of the richest finds anywhere in the world. Today the area is known for its fine wines and wool production.

Link here for a map of how to reach Avoca from Melbourne. (You will have to complete the entry for Melbourne on the page which opens.)

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For fear that it will one day disappear, the following has been copied from a web page at:

Registration of the Mining Company at Avoca, and issue of shares
I, the undersigned, hereby make application to register the Monte Christo Quartz Gold Mining and Crushing Company as a limited company under the provisions of the Mining Companies Act 1871.
1. The name of the company is to be "The Monte Christo Quartz Gold Mining and Crushing Company (Limited)."
2. The place of operations is at Avoca.
3. The registered office of the company will be situated at Avoca.
4. The nominal capital of the company is Six thousand pounds, in six thousand shares of One pound each, of which two thousand two hundred are fully paid up and the balance to three shillings each.
5. The number of shares subscribed for is six thousand, being not less than two-thirds of the entire number of shares in the company.
6. The number of paid-up shares is one thousand two hundred.
7. The amount already paid up is Six hundred and sixty-eight pounds one shilling.
8. The name of the manager is Charles Bailey.
9. The names and occupations and addresses of the share-holders, and the number of shares held by each at this date, are as follows:-

William H. Allanson, saddler, Avoca, 25;
Christopher Abbott, farmer, Bung-bong, 25;
James Brennan, hawker, Avoca, 10;
Emily Bacon, teacher, Avoca, 6;
John Bacon, bailiff, Avoca, 10;
David Bowen, miner, Avoca, 10;
Robert Chappell Bryant, stationer, Avoca, 10;
Caroline Boddy, milliner, Avoca, 25;
Richard Blancefield, miner, Avoca, 10;
William Buhlert, merchant, Avoca, 20;
W. H.Bosanco, printer, 5;
Thomas Butler, storeman, Avoca 10;
Samuel Butler, miner, Homebush, 5;
Samuel Box, miner, Avoca, 25;
Thomas Bennett, farmer, Avoca, 30; Peter
Bostock, butcher, Avoca, 20;
Edwin Brooks, miner, Fryingpan Flat, 5;
John Batchelor, poundkeeper, Avoca, 15;
James Batchelor, miner, Avoca, 15
Henry S. Batchelor, gentleman, Avoca, 20;
William Bosanco, miner, Avoca, 5;
George Catolin, watchmaker, Avoca 20;
John Charters, farmer, Avoca, 12;
Robert Cockburn, puddler, Avoca, 10;
William Chamberlin, miner, Avoca, 5.
John Che1lew, jeweller, Avoca, 10;
Thomas Cook, bootmaker, Avoca, 25.
Susan Considine, Avoca, 20.
Mary Ann Cross, boardinghouse-keeper, Avoca, 10;
Adam Craig, miner, Canterbury, 20;
William Connolly, agent, Melbourne, 25;
J. C. Classen, cabinetmaker, Avoca, 10;
George Charlesworth, puddler, Avoca, 10;
William Charlesworth, puddler, Avoca, 10;
William Chalmers, miner, Avoca, 20.
Mrs. Coad, Avoca, 30;
Alexander Carmichael, farmer, Doctor's Creek, 10;
James Dodd, slaughterman, Avoca 10;
John Day, farmer. Avoca, 10;
Robert Dowsett, carpenter, Avoca, 10;
F. B. Dungey, miller, Avoca. 20;
W. F. Dance, junr., Avoca, draper's assistant, 25;
Benjamin Elliot, farmer, Bung-bong, 5;
Alfred Friend, butcher, Avoca, 50;
Jane Flowers, Avoca, 10;
Robert Filbey, Avoca, hawker, 10;
William Farrar, carter, Avoca 10;
James Griffith, shire engineer, Avoca, 25;
Charles Gale, farmer, Avoca, 10;
William Goodshaw, chemist, Avoca, 50'
J, H, Gouge, miner, Avoca, 8;
Edwin Glover, hotelkeeper, Moonambel, 50;
John Grewar, farmer, Avoca 25;
Joseph Green, miller, Avoca, 25;
George Gordon, miner, Avoca, 20;
Joseph Gill, miner, Avoca 10;
Thomas Hughes, butcher, Homebush, 25;
Edward James Hooper, farmer, Bung-Bong, 25;
Thomas Hutchins, farmer Avoca, 5;
George Hutchins, farmer Avoca, 5;
James Harris, storeman, Avoca, 10;
Thomas Hellings, bricklayer, Avoca 5;
Edward Hellings, bricklayer, Avoca 5;
Thomas Harvey, Avoca, 2;
William Harvey, Avoca, miner, 5;
John Harvey, Avoca, 5;
Catherine Harbour, Avoca, 10;
Samuel Harbour, farmer, Avoca, 5;
James Holland, inspector of schools, Avoca, 10;
William Hyslop, blacksmith, Stawell East, 50;
Catherine Mary Hortin, spinster, Avoca, 25.
Albert Holding, miner, Avoca, 10;
George Ireland, inspector of works Avoca, 50;
John Jeune, carpenter, Avoca, 10;
Robert Johnstone, farmer, Avoca, 10;
William Keldewell, miner, Avoca, 100;
John Kroeger, miner, Avoca, 10;
John Kearney, wheelwright, Avoca, 19,
John Kay, blacksmith, Avoca, 5;
John Kitchen, painter, Avoca 10;
Ellen Kay, Avoca 5;
Kilpatrick and Wise, storekeepers, Avoca 10;
Randall Howe Lambert, bank manager, Avoca, 25;
Patrick Larrissy, miner, Avoca, 50;
James Larcey, miner, Avoca, 40;
Mrs. N. Larcey, Avoca, 10;
Samuel Lambert, miner, Avoca, 20;
William Lowe, splitter, Avoca, 50;
William Lockey, laborer, Avoca, 10;
George Robert MacAdam, teacher, Avoca, 25;
Mary McMahon, Avoca, 20;
Richard Matthews, solicitor, Talbot, 50;
Alexander Mellville, shire valuer, Avoca, 50;
Edwin Miles, barman, Avoca, 25;
Donald McKinnon, farmer, Avoca, 10;
Frank Mentha, horse dealer, Ballarat 50;
John Magee, miner, Avoca, 5;
James Kay McLean, merchant, Avoca 25;
John McCleland, sheepdealer, Avoca, 25.
Edwin Miller, farmer, Bung-bong, 25.
Fredrick Miller, farmer, Bung-bong, 25;
Averell Mulholland, miner, Avoca, 5.
William McGowan, carter, Avoca, 5;
George McDonald, carpenter, Avoca 10;
Malcolm McKinnon, farmer, Avoca, 10;
Sarah Matthews, Avoca Lead, 50;
Sarah Milgate, Avoca Lead, 10;
A. Mongredien, hotel-keeper, Melbourne, 50;
William Martin, telegraph messenger, Avoca, 30;
Hugh Alexander Morrison, miner, Avoca 20;
John Robert Mockett, hotelkeeper, Avoca 10;
Edward Henry Miles, cordial manufacturer, Avoca, 50;
Mrs. Bennett Mockett, Avoca, 25;
John Mackay, contractor, Amphitheatre 10;
Margaret McGallon, dressmaker, Avoca, 5;
Donald McKinnon junr., storeman, Avoca, 10;
Henry Moore, farmer Bung-Bong, 5;
Sarah Overs, Avoca, 10.
Elizabeth O'Donnell, Avoca 25;
John O'Farrell, carter, Mt. Bolton, 5;
Henry Simpson Owen, billiardmarker, Avoca, 15;
John Opie, miner, Avoca, 15;
Thomas Osborne, miner, Avoca, 5;
T.B. Opie, printer, Avoca 5;
Solomon Opie; mason, Avoca 15;
W.T. Owen, miner, Fryingpan Flat, 6;
Mary Louisa Osborne, Avoca 5;
Henry Overs, produce dealer, Avoca 10;
Mrs. S.S. Pope, baker, Percydale, 10;
John F. Paten, printer, Avoca, 25;
George Powell, clerk, Lillicur, 25;
Peter Peterson, miner, Avoca, 10;
Samuel Peterson, miner, Avoca 20;
Miss Pryor, milliner, Avoca, 25;
Daniel Pope, baker, Percydale, 10;
Joseph Richie, farmer, Yalong, 20;
William Richards, junior, blacksmith, Avoca, 20;
James Reed, Avoca, draper, 10.
C.T, Robarts, farmer, Bung-bong, 25;
Matthew Rattigan, farmer, Mountain Hut, 10;
William Richards, town crier, Avoca 10;
Thomas Row, blacksmith, Avoca, 30;
John Reid, farmer, Avoca, 5;
James Barber Smith, hotelkeeper, Avoca, 50;
Thomas Shanklin, junr., Avoca, 50;
Henry Spiers, merchant, Amphitheatre, 50;
Donald Scott, farmer, Wareek, 25.
Sarah Smith, Avoca, 10;
William Steel, carpenter, Avoca, 20;
James Sangster, miner, Yalong, 20;
William Smith, hotelkeeper, Avoca 50;
Edward Sheehan, miller, Avoca, 25;
William Sims, engine-driver, Percydale, 20;
Ann Smith, Avoca, 10;
Sarah Sweet, Avoca, 10;
Mary Ann Simmons, Avoca, 20;
Edmund Snell, merchant, Avoca, 50;
Edwin Stowe, storeman, Avoca, 20;
Orville Stowe, skindealer, Avoca, 20;
S. A. S. M. Sproston, Avoca, 10;
Susan Steel, Avoca, 20;
Alexander Swan, miner, Avoca, 10;
Samuel Scrase, brewer, Lillicur, 50;
Edward Sheehan, junr., Avoca, 25;
James B. Starling, miner, Avoca, 10;
Silus Slater, farmer, Avoca, 5;
Thomas Henry Trevithick, miner, Avoca, 25;
William Reed Thomas, mining manager, Avoca, 15;
Enoch Taylor, miner, Avoca, 25;
Henry Trevan, traveller Ballarat, 5;
Henry Trevithick, hotelkeeper, Avoca, 20;
William Trevena, landowner, Avoca, 20;
E. A. Tout, dressmaker, Avoca, 5;
S. A. Tout, dressmaker, Avoca, 5;
Thomas Thomson, miner, Canterbury, 150;
James Thomas, engine-driver, Avoca, 10;
Joseph Wrigley, Ballarat, 10;
Thomas Woods, farmer, Avoca, 20.,
William Whiteley, builder, Avoca, 20;
Mary Whiteley, Avoca, 20;
Thomas Wise, miller, Avoca, 10;
John Williamson, puddler, Avoca, 10;
Alfred Whiteley, carpenter, Avoca, 10;
Martha Spratt Wise, spinster, Avoca, 10,
Matthew R.Worsley, engine-driver, Avoca, 20;
W. H, Wood, Avoca, 10;
James G. Wise, farmer, Avoca, 10;
William Woods, Amphitheatre road, 5;
C.T. Walker, carter, Avoca, 5;
C.W. Wolf, farmer, Avoca, 10;
Cecil F. Weston, printer, Avoca, 10,
Harriet Woods, Avoca, 10;
Samuel Woods, bathkeeper, Avoca 20;
John Wardlaw, puddler, Avoca, 20;
Leonard Worsley, barrister-at-law, Avoca, 25;
Arthur Wilmot, carter, Lillicur, 5;
Charles Wilmot, carter, Lillicur, 5;
W.W, Williams, traveller, Melbourne, 50;
Elizabeth Young, Avoca, 50;
Ah Sun, storekeeper, Avoca Lead, 75;
Ah Pew, storekeeper, Avoca Lead; 10;
Ah Sing, Avoca Lead, 20;
Ah Yeng, storekeeper, Kimberley, 30;
Ah Heng, Percydale, 10;
Pey Dip, Percydale, 20;
Ah Hang, No. 2 Creek, 10;
Ah Hock, Avoca Lead, 10;
Ah Chow, Percydale, 10;
Ah Hamn, Percydale, 5;
Mach Young, Percydale, 10;
Lewis Murdock, miner, Avoca, 500;
William Dance, miner, Avoca, 75;
John Hennessy, miner, Avoca, 75;
Francis Martin, storekeeper, Avoca, 40;
Stephen Rigley ironmonger, Ballarat, 50;
William Henderson, draper, Avoca, 100;
Jonathon Reed, storekeeper Avoca, 100;
William Colton Carter, Avoca, 50;
Samuel Ware, teacher, Avoca, 100;
William Howse, miner, Avoca. 62;
John Coglan, farmer, Avoca, 100;
Henry Ewins, miner, Avoca, 50;
John Jennings, blacksmith, Avoca, 50;
Stephen Lee, blacksmith, Avoca,
50; Charles Bailey, hotelkeeper, Avoca, 80;
Anton Keihl, butcher, Avoca, 50;
Henry Powers, baker, Avoca, 100;
William Bockey, miner, Avoca, 25;
Francis Steel, builder, Avoca, 87.
John Hammill, brickmaker, Avoca, 26;
Thomas Hellings, mason, Avoca, 50;
Thomas William Henry, bootmaker, Avoca, 50.
John Tennant, baker, Avoca, 12.


Dated this sixteenth Day of October 1873,
C. BAILEY, manager.
Witness - Henry Powers,
I, CHARLES BAILEY, do solemnly and sincerely declare that:-
1, I am the manager of the said intended company,
2. The above statement is, to the best of my belief and knowledge, true in every particular; and I make this solemn declaration conscientiously believing the same to
be true, and by virtue of the provisions of an Act of Parliament of Victoria rendering persons making a false Declaration punishable for wilful and corrupt perjury.

Taken before me, at Avoca, this sixteenth day of October, One thousand eight hundred and seventy-three.
-C. Warburton Carr, P.M., a Justice of the Peace. No. 4649


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I take no responsibility for any errors in the text. I scanned it in 1995 with a 300 DPI hand scanner, and Optical Character Recognition is not perfect! For example, my OCR program tended to confuse "1" and "l" (one & ell); put "i" for "y"; "c" for "e"; & "O" for "0". So, "Kelly" could be Ke11y" and "Irvine" could be "Irvinc" for example. I edited out most errors with the help of a speller and grammar checker, but best to check manually if a computer search fails to find the name you are looking for, especially if it contains the lower case letters l,i,e,y.


If anyone is interested in the Avoca area, I suggest you write to the Avoca Historical Society, c/- Mrs Jan Burnett, 92 Barnett St, Avoca, VIC 3467. Jan is very helpful, and the society has a lot of information.Or, you may visit their website.

Anyone wanting further info about this file, or if you are researching the names Glover and Martin in this area of Victoria, please contact me at