Warwick's West Gallery Quire


Music from Past Performances

Over a number of years a number of our practices and performances were recorded by Peter Gatenby, one of our basses, who quite often could be found hiding in a pulpit or other inconspicuous place in church or chapel, with his tape recorder. Sadly he left us in 2011, and then died on 28th May 2012. Many of the pieces of music below are taken from his recordings, and (sometimes individual) interpretations of our peformances, and put on to disk. On disk, theseparate items follow each other automatically to form an entity. Enjoy them in the spirit in which Peter recorded them , and embelished them for posterity.
You will recognise several voices of singers and players now no longer with us.
Thank you Peter!


Behind Bars
Concert at St Peter's Wootten Wawen  -  15 June 2010