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There are two table-topped tombs in the churchyard of St John's Church, Margate, on the south side of the church, one being fairly near to the path which follows the outside of the building, and the other, the earlier of the two, slightly further away.


Underneath this stone lies buried the

body of Mr Roger LAMING Junior,

son of Mr. Roger LAMING and Mary his

wife, who died January 26th. 173..,

aged … years.


A youth of sweet disposition

and very promising . . . . . . . . in

whose memory this tomb is erected

by his beloved parents whose

only child he was.


Here lies the body of Mr Roger

LAMING, who died September ye 8th.

1743, aged 90 years.





And Mary LAMING above, who died April

ye  . . .    . . . . .  , aged . . . years.




Roger Laming Junior was christened in St John's on 3rd August 1721, so he was aged between 9 and 19 at the time of his death.









Roger Laming Senior was the young man's father, recorded on the IGI as having been born in 1652, and also the son of another Roger Laming.  Father would have been about 68 years old when his only child was born.


Nothing further is known of his mother, Mary.






Sacred to the memory of James LAMING

Esq., of Birchington Hall in this

County, who died September 23rd.

1864, aged 73 years.


“Thou shalt guide me with Thy

courage and afterwards receive

me to Glory”.


“For me to live is Christ and to

die is gain.

Precious in the sight of the Lord

is the death of His saints.”


Also of Ann, the beloved wife of the

above, who died after a union of

nearly 50 years at Birchington Hall

on the 5th April. 1867 aged 69 years.


“We took sweet council together

and walked unto the house of God

in company”.


“Praise waiteth for thee, O God,

in Sion, and unto thee shall the

vow be performed”.


In memory of Ann, the wife of Richard

LAMING Junior, who died July 23rd.

1788, aged 23 years.



Also the above named Richard LAMING

Junior, who died June 19th, 1813, aged

57 years.







And several of his children, who died

during their infancy.



This memorial is further intended as

a recollection of Susan the second

wife of Richard LAMING Junior, whose

mortal remains are interred in St.

James Churchyard, Liverpool. She died

August 17th. 1830, aged 68 years.




Also in memory of Richard LAMING, who

died . . . . . . . . . . . 1803, etat 77 years.


Also of Susannah, wife of the above,

who died November 10th, 1779, etat

32 years.



Also of James LAMING, son of the

above, died June 26th, 1817, etat 60 years.











Also Sarah, wife of the above James

LAMING, died December 27th, 1812,

etat 57 years.








Also four of their children who

died in their infancy.


To the memory of Emily Noakes LAMING,

grand-daughter of the above, died September 7th.  1845  etat 21 years.







Also James LAMING, son of the above,

born 27th December 1790, died 23rd.

September 1861.




James Laming (II), my GGG Grandfather, was born 27th December 1790.












James (II)'s wife was Ann Noakes who was born 1st August 1797. She and James were married in St John’s Church in Margate in 1816. Ann was born 1st August 1797, and died 5th April 1867.








This was Ann Boreman, who married Richard Laming (Junior) when aged 16 on 31 August 1777, her mother giving consent.


Richard Junior, 4th son of Richard and Susannah (although an earlier Richard died in infancy), was born 17th Sept. and christened in St John’s on 18th Sept. 1757. He died in Sandwich, and was buried in St John’s on 26th June 1813. He was a younger brother of James (I).


Of Richard and Anne’s six children, three died in infancy; Susanna Anne, Richard, and Mary.


Susan Gibbs, also known as Susannah, was christened in St Mary Virgin, Dover, on 26th May 1758, and married Richard Junior on 27th November 1788, 5 months after Ann died. Of their 6 children, a further four, Rachel, Charles, George and Martin, died under the age of 14.


Richard Laming, a sailmaker, was my GGGGG Grandfather. He was christened 27th July 1727 at St John’s, and died 1st December 1803. He married Susanna(h) Brothers on  21st October 1751 She was christened in St John’s on 14th April 1727.


James Laming (I) was my GGGG Grandfather, who purchased Birchington Hall and set up family there. He was an owner of Margate Hoys and subsequently set up a packet service between London and Rotterdam, before going on to own the General Screw Steam Shipping Company. He was christened at St John’s on 14th October 1752. He married Sarah in St John’s


My GGGG Grandmother, Sarah Walton, seems to have come from another seafaring family, her father being known as Captain Walton. Christened in St John’s on 17th December 1732, she was apparently Sarah Lyons when she married James, although no record exists of that occasion (see details from his will).


Richard and Stephen Jennings are the two who have so far been traced.


Emily Noakes Laming was the daughter of James (II) and Ann Noakes, who was christened at Walworth Locks Fields Chapel, York Street Independent, Southwark, Surrey, on 15th August 1825, and thought to have been born 4th June in that year, thus dying in her 21st year.


This, again, is a reference to James Laming (II), although the year of death is given as 1861, not 1864.