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Genealogy  -  Thanet

Family & Local History in Thanet
initially prepared by Barry White, and recovered after his site at went down
prior to Wayback having the same idea (!).

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From: Canterbury Probate Records (1396-1854) Database


LAMING Wills in Kent




Surname Forename Place Made Probate Register Ref. Old Ref. Comments
Lambyn Laurence Tenterden   1449 PRC/17/1/15    
Lambyn Henry High Halden   1473 PRC/17/2/204    
Lambyn Cecily St. Lawrence in Thanet   1488 PRC/17/5/29    
Lambyn John St. Lawrence in Thanet   1495 PRC/17/6/82    
Lambyn James Snave   1499 PRC/17/7/231    
Lambyn Edward High Halden   1509 PRC/17/11/230    
Lambyn Richard St. Lawrence in Thanet   1513 PRC/17/12/282    
Lambyn Henry High Halden   1517 PRC/17/12/601    
Lamben Nicholas Tenterden 1523 1523 PRC/17/16/131a    
Lambyn Thomas Not given   1527 PRC/3/14/87    
Lamyng John Nonington   1531 PRC/33/191    
Lambyn Margaret Tenterden 1538 1541 PRC/17/22/212    
Lambyn William Tenterden 1545 1545 PRC/17/24/154    
Lambyne John Linton 1645 1546 PRC/17/24/68a    
Lambyn John Appledore   1558 PRC/3/15/32    
Lamynge John Westbere 1558 1558 PRC/17/34/138    
Lamynge John St. John in Thanet 1558 1559 PRC/17/34/88 PRC/16/30 L/9  
Lamynge Richard St. Lawrence in Thanet 1559 1559 PRC/17/34/89 PRC/16/30 L/11  
Leman, Lemans John Sandwich St. Mary 1560 1560 PRC/17/34/227 PRC/16/31 L/4  
Lamben Thomas Tenterden 1561 1561 PRC/17/35/158b PRC/16/33 L/5  
Lamben Edward High Halden 1562 1562 PRC/17/36/64 PRC/16/36 L/5  
Lambyn John Tenterden 1566 1567 PRC/17/40/74 PRC/16/47 L/1  
Lambynge Henry Sturry 1576 1576 PRC/17/42/303 PRC/16/67 L/2  
Lambin Stephen Little Chart 1593 1596 PRC/17/51/170 PRC/16/107 L/10  
Laminge, Lamming Richard Ewell 1597 1597 PRC/17/51/273 PRC/16/110 L/7  
Lambin, Lamben Peter Pluckley 1598 1599 PRC/17/51/329b PRC/16/115 L/7  
Lammynge als Lambyn Paul Canterbury Westgate 1599 1599 PRC/17/52/126b PRC/16/115 L/2  
Lammynge als Lambyn Paul Canterbury Westgate 1599 1599 PRC/17/52/126b PRC/16/115 L/2  
Lanning, Lannyng Thomas St. John in Thanet 1608 1608 PRC/17/58/358b PRC/16/132 L/4  
Lamming William St. John in Thanet 1611 1611 PRC/17/58/307 PRC/16/141 L/13  
Lambin als Lambden Stephen Egerton 1613 1613 PRC/32/42/258 PRC/31/64 L/5  
Lambin Hester Pluckley 1616 1616 PRC/17/61/2 PRC/16/165 L/5 OWF in 1619
Lamminge Thomas Adisham 1617 1618 PRC/17/60/427 PRC/16/162 L/4  
Laming Joane St. John in Thanet 1624 1625 PRC/17/65/288 PRC/16/181 L/8  
Lamming Roger St. John in Thanet 1626 1626 PRC/17/65/2 PRC/16/185 M/5 OWF in letter group M
Lamming Richard Preston next Faversham 1628 1628 PRC/17/67/147 PRC/16/190 L/6  
Lamben John Bethersden 1638 1638 PRC/17/70/599 PRC/16/220 L/1  
Lambyn Thomas Canterbury 1639 1640 PRC/17/70/121 PRC/16/227 G/7 No. 1398 - OWF in letter group G
Lamminge William St. John in Thanet 1642 1642   PRC/16/237 L/3 No. 242
Laming Thomas Whitstable   1644 PRC/3/36a/171    
Laming John St. John in Thanet 1646 1646   PRC/16/250 L/2 No. 795
Laming Richard St. Peter in Thanet 1665 1669   PRC/16/283 L/5  
Laming William St. John in Thanet 1671 1672 PRC/17/73/209b PRC/16/289 L/11  
Lamming William St. Peter in Thanet 1673 1673   PRC/16/291 L/1  
Laming John St. Lawrence in Thanet 1677 1679 PRC/17/74/379a PRC/16/302 L/2  
Laming Martha St. Lawrence in Thanet 1679 1680 PRC/17/75/109 PRC/16/303 L/2  
Lambin Joshua Pluckley 1681 1684 PRC/17/76/151a PRC/16/311 L/7  
Lambin Edward Pluckley 1685 1686 PRC/17/76/410 PRC/16/315 L/1  
Laming Edward Deal 1690 1690 PRC/27/32/56 Film Pos 32/128 Mariner
Lambine Mary Smarden 1690 1691 PRC/17/78/69 PRC/16/324 L/3  
Laming, Laminge Roger St. Lawrence in Thanet 1689 1698 PRC/17/79/195 PRC/16/334 L/3  
Lambin Edward Pluckley 1704 1704 PRC/17/80/189a PRC/16/344 L/4  
Laming William St. John in Thanet 1708 1709 PRC/32/58/244b PRC/31/179 L/1 HMS Milford
Laming Roger St. Lawrence in Thanet 1695 1711 PRC/17/81/428a PRC/16/358 L/3  
Lambin John Ashford 1713 1714 PRC/17/82/283 PRC/16/364 L/7  
Lannyng, Lanyng Thomas Faversham 1717 1718 PRC/17/83/36f PRC/16/372 L/4  
Laming George Margate 1720 1720 PRC/17/85/17b PRC/16/376 L/4  
Laming John Dover 1723 1730 PRC/32/60/517b PRC/31/200 L/1  
Laming Daniel Stonar, Sandwich 1733 1733 PRC/17/89/23e PRC/16/398 L/8  
Lenning, Lanning John Dover 1747 1749 PRC/32/63/204b PRC/31/219 L/1 Ship York
Lanning, Laming Mary Margate 1753 1755 PRC/17/95/60 PRC/16/421 L/4  
Lambin John Ashford 1759 1759 PRC/17/95/555b PRC/16/425 L/2  
Laming John Margate 1745 1763 PRC/17/96/473a PRC/16/431 L/1 HMS Sterling Castle
Lambin Frances Ashford 1765 1766 PRC/17/97/274 PRC/16/434 L/1  
Laming Ann Margate 1773 1774 PRC/17/99/198 PRC/16/444 L/3  
Laming Henry Canterbury 1851 1851 PRC/17/112/271a PRC/16/568 L/2  
Laming John Hooper Ramsgate 1851 1852 PRC/17/112/293 PRC/16/570 L/2  
Lambyn William Tenterden 1526   PRC/32/16/57b   No probate